The Taxidermy Museum by Steven Dunn, published in Granta

A person can read the first page of Steven Dunn’s story The Taxidermy Museum online, but to read the rest you have to purchase a subscription ($16 digital). I think it’s worth it. In the story, Dunn stretches and challenges our belief and understanding of what it means to cherish and honor people and ideals. And what it means to be alive and living and remembered. But it does so through the eyes of people/characters who might not be fully aware of themselves or what is going on around them. “I volunteered to work at the Taxidermy Museum of Military Heroes. It gets me out of work three days a week, plus it looks like I’m taking on extra duties for my brag sheet.” Little does this character know…

Also check out Dunn’s lively, humorous, heartbreaking, and powerful novel POTTED MEAT (Tarpaulin Sky Press 2016). His novel WATER & POWER is forthcoming later this year.

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